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Famous Oak Trees in Texas

Oak trees can live for hundreds of years, so it’s no wonder that there is a long history associated with these expansive trees.  Here are some of the most famous trees you and your family can visit in Texas.

Matrimonial Oak, San Saba County

This solid oak stands tall near an old country road.  Since the discovery of this oak, many proposals have been made underneath this shady tree, and many couples come back to get married!

The Cart War Oak, City of Goliad

Back around 1857, there were several violent incidents involving Texan and Mexican salesmen carting goods from the Gulf to San Antonio.  Texans thought that the Mexicans were undercutting them and offering their goods at a much lower price.  Hence, the Cart War broke out under the famously named tree.

The Goose Island Oak, Aransas County

This oak was once thought to be the largest live oak in the United States.  Approximately 1,100 years old, this incredible oak is located in Goose Island State Park near Rockport, Texas.

Treaty Oak, Austin, Texas

This tree was inducted into the American Forestry Association’s Hall of Fame for being a perfect specimen!  Unfortunately, a man in 1989 poisoned the oak to win back his love.  This hasn’t killed off the tree, thankfully, and the tree still stands today.

Panna Maria Oaks, Karnes County

Home of the very first Polish settlement in North America, this tree stands in the churchyard of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.

The Zachary Taylor Oak, Rockport, Texas

This oak is named after the 12th president of the United States.  He and his troops reportedly camped out under this oak waiting for conditions to improve before attacking Mexico.


Do you know of any famous oaks in Texas?