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Oak trees are beautiful, sturdy trees that can add a sense of awe to any yard or garden.  Houston and its surrounding areas are the perfect places to grow oak trees.  

Oak trees are wonderful companions for urban and suburban areas alike.  Their long branches provide shade to cool things down and their roots go deep so they don’t disturb sidewalks and roads.  Oak trees can live for a very long time, and provide homes for many indigenous animals.  

There are many different oak trees to choose from, and many of them are popular in the area.  Here are some of the most popular oak trees to plant around your home.

Live Oaks.  Live oak trees are very common in south and central Texas.  Unlike other oaks, these trees retain their leaves all year round, so yard work for these trees is down to a minimum.  They tend to grow very wide if they have enough room to do so.

Red Oaks.  Red oaks are popular for their beautiful red turning leaves in the fall.  Red Oaks also provide very little maintenance, making this a dream for any home or business.

White Oaks.  White oaks are wonderful trees to plant anywhere, however, they are difficult to transplant.  The best way to grow a white oak is by planting it from an acorn in the exact spot you wish for it to grow.

When deciding on a place to plant your oak, be sure to find a spot that is away from other trees, power lines, and homes, as oak trees grow very large and spread very wide.  It’s also a good idea to plant your oak tree away from homes and buildings in case of a storm or inclimate weather.  

There are a lot of factors that go in to where the best place to plant an oak tree, what type of soil is the best, and how to care for your tree once it has been planted.  To ensure the safety of your tree and to encourage a long and happy life, it’s best to contact a professional.  

Which oak tree is your favorite?