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Do you want to move a tree that is not where you want in your landscape design, or you purchased a new tree and are ready to plant it?

Here are some simple tree transplanting tips aimed at reducing stress on the tree and rapid root growth:

  1. The planting depth should be 1-2 inches less than the size of the root ball so that the the plant flare (where the top root comes off the trunk of the the tree) is 1-2 inches above the ground.  Planting a tree too deep is the number one cause of death of the tree.
  2. The hole should be saucer shaped and width three times the size the diameter of the root ball.
  3. Set the tree in the hole removing the container or wrappings if a new tree.  Turn the tree to the best angle.
  4. Backfill the hole with the soil that was dug with the grade coming down from the root flare. No backfill dirt should be on top of the root ball and the bottom should be sitting on undisturbed soil.
  5. Water to settle the soil.
  6. Mulch with wood chips on top of the hole but not directly against the bark.  This will help contain moisture.
  7. Stake tree if in a windy area.
  8. Water 3-4 times a week for the first season and once a month in winter if there are dry conditions.

It may be prohibitive to plant or move a large tree and will give your landscape an immediate impact or planting several trees can be  time consuming and labor intensive project. Consider hiring a professional to insure the job is done correctly and for the life and health of the tree.  A warranty will protect your investment. Costs to plant your tree generally depend on the caliper of the tree (trunk size measured six inches above the root ball).