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Summer storm and hurricane season is upon us and it is a time to give some attention to your valuable trees.  Tree root cells need oxygen and after an extended period of time like 7 days the tree may experience root rot and soil around the tree may be washed away further making the tree unstable.  There are some preventative measures you can take to improve the trees health and alleviate some damage. Mulch around the tree and keep the tree trimmed and the canopy pruned to allow more air movement.  Stake or re-stake unstable trees and add nutrients such as slow release nitrogen. Warning signs that a tree has sustained flood damage are wilting or discolored leaves or premature fall colors, structural damage and exposed roots and pest infestation.

Other injuries to your trees can be avoided by paying attention to the trees critical root zone.  This is an area equal to 1 foot radius from the base for each 1 inch of the tree’s diameter at chest height.  If disturbance of this area cannot be avoided like trenching for utilities or irrigation the work should be done under the supervision of a certified arborist.

You should avoid the following situations around your trees:

–Changing soil grade or compacting soil with any heavy objects, vehicles or equipment

–Sounding trunks with weed eaters or mowers

–Attaching anything to the tree using nails

–Causing injury by fire or excessive heat

–Contaminating the soil

–Installing anything cement near the tree

Tree can give you pleasure for decades so they deserve your attention.