August 2019


Mulch around a newly planted tree is it’s best friend with these benefits listed by the Arbor Day Foundation.

  • Insulates the soil, helping to provide a buffer from heat and cold.
  • Retains water to help the roots stay moist.
  • Keeps weeds out to avoid root competition.
  • Prevents soil compaction.
  • Reduces lawn mower damage.

Mulching provides so many benefits -most important of all is a fast growing tree.  Research has proven that by placing a 3-6 foot natural mulch ring around your tree can double the growth rate.  

Remove all grass that will compete for the trees water supply.  The mulch should be 2-4 inches deep and not directly touching the bark.  The ring should be like bagel with a 3-6 inch hole in middle. More is not better, although you can see examples of how not to mulch in your neighborhood.  This results in reduced oxygen to the soil and will slow growth or result in death of the tree. The mulch will slowly be reduced as weather decomposes and wind blows it away so this is a yearly maintenance item in your yard.  The best mulch is organic wood chips so choose the one that fits your taste and budget.