December 2018


Trees are an important part of any yard or garden, and it’s important to take care of your trees.  Trees need water, sunlight, and nutrients, but to help your trees really thrive you’ll need to provide extra TLC with fertilizer and compost.  Compost tea is one thing that trees really love!

Compost tea is full of nutrients that not only benefit your trees, but every other plant in your garden.  Compost tea is much better for the environment than chemical fertilizers and other chemical solutions for pest control.  Chemical pesticides not only kill the bad pests, but also the good bugs that help keep the trees healthy. Compost tea helps to kill bad bugs and pests and encourage microorganisms to grow.  These microorganisms help heal the trees from infections and disease.

Compost tea helps trees retain nutrients.  Using fertilizers to help your tree get healthy will work, but it can kill the microorganisms that are good for the tree.  Compost tea eliminates the need for fertilizers and keeps those microorganisms alive.

Compost tea helps release nutrients slowly, so that the trees get more nutrients over time.  It helps with the absorption of water and nutrients through the roots .

Soil structure is improved with the help of compost tea.  It encourages aeration of the soil, which helps the roots get enough oxygen.  Compost tea allows for proper moisture to get to the tree. Compost tea helps the leaves open up, ensuring the intake of nutrients for the tree.  

To make a batch of compost tea, simply shovel a bit of compost from your compost pile into a bucket of water and let it step for several days.  You can also aerate the tea to get oxygen flowing through it, which helps with the smell of the tea. To apply, either pour it directly on the roots, or use a sprayer to spray it onto the leaves.  

Compost tea is an excellent way to keep your trees very healthy.