November 2017


Oak trees are big, beautiful, sturdy trees that last for centuries. It’s amazing that something so big starts from something as small as an acorn. If you’ve ever wondered how to grow your own giant oak tree from a tiny acorn, here’s how!

  1. Pick an acorn.
    Selecting the right acorn is an important step. Make sure that the acorn does not have any cracks or holes. Soak the acorn overnight in water. If the acorn floats, toss it out and start again with a new acorn.
  2. Select a container.
    Find a gallon container with holes in the bottom for drainage. Using the same soil the tree will eventually be planted in, fill the container.
  3. Plant your acorn.
    The acorn should be planted about one and a half inches below the surface of the soil.
  4. Place it in morning sunlight only.
    It is important to place your container in an area where it will receive morning sunlight only and shade in the evenings. Water your acorn and check the soil regularly to make sure it has enough water.
  5. Let your acorn go to work!
    Water your acorn as necessary until the fall. Plant your new sapling away from power lines and other plants to allow for the roots to take hold and for future growth. Add a ring of soil around the soil to aid with water retention.

Your tree should become fully established in about three years. Make sure to properly care for and water your tree to ensure that it will continue to grow big and strong.


Oak trees are large, beautiful trees that live for a very long time, so naturally, many a woodland creature find shelter here.  Oak trees are popular trees for animal dwellings because of their size.  A single oak tree can live for hundreds of years, and can grow to be upwards of 80 feet!  That can provide a lot of protection from the elements and predators alike.  Oak trees are an excellent source of food for animals, as acorns are high in fat.  


Several different species of mammals call the oak tree their home.  Squirrels commonly make their nests in holes in older tree trunks, which is convenient, since they store acorns from these trees right in the trunk!  Other animals, such as raccoons, will live in larger holes closer to the ground, so they can scavenge for food.  Possums can live in the tall tree limbs ro protect them from predators down below.  Foxes and other larger mammals make their dens in the hollow under the oak itself.


Hundreds of different species of birds will make their nests in the tall branches of the oak tree.  Of course, the different birds will vary depending on the location.  Woodpeckers love oak trees because many a tasty insect also makes its home in the oak trunk.


You have probably guessed that lots of bugs find safety in the oak tree.  Many insects use the leaves as camouflage and food.  Spiders also spin their webs in between the branches to catch any of these bugs who are unlucky enough to find themselves caught.  Ants will dig tunnels under the roots of these massive trees.


Oaks that are close to the water can house smaller reptiles in their roots.  Lots of snakes will hide themselves under the roots of trees, and snakes will also use oak logs for shelter.

What animals have you noticed living in your oak trees?