July 2017


They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but they can definitely provide you with more green in your pocket. Here are five ways trees give you money in the bank.

  1. Trees increase property value.
    Healthy, mature trees can increase your property value by up to 10%. People are more attracted to wooded areas to rent or own a home, More people want a home with sturdy roots, pun intended!

  2. Trees cool things down.
    It gets hot in the summer. Trees provide shade from the scorching sun and protect us from harmful UV rays. Having a shady tree in your yard can also cool down your home, reducing your energy costs!

  3. Trees attract people to your business.
    Shoppers will travel farther and stay longer in an area with trees, which increases the probability of your business making money! Studies also show that consumers will spend 9-12% more in tree-covered areas.

  4. Trees produce food.
    Trees can provide lots of fruit for you and your family, saving grocery costs on produce. Plus, they are beautiful!

  5. Trees protect our property.
    The roots of trees provide natural protection against soil erosion and storm water runoff, which protects your home or business from costly flooding or damage. That alone could save you thousands in repairs!

How will trees save you money?

Quercus virginiana

The Southern Live Oak tree is a majestic emblem of the South. When given the room to grow they can reach diameters of 150 feet. They possess large sweeping limbs that grow downward and then quickly sweep upward giving them an impressive array of branches that can often grow 5 to 6 feet in diameter. live oaks are nearly evergreen opposed to most oaks, which are deciduous. In early spring they replace their leaves over a few week period. They produce sweet acorns that are favorite foods for many animal life.

The Southern live oaks lifespan can range from a few hundred years to over one thousand years. They typically grow very fast when they are young but reach maximum diameter around 70 years.

Southern live oaks grow very well in salty soils and shade. They are great trees for Texas climate as they are unable to survive freezing temperatures.

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