June 2017

What is balled-and-burlapped planting?

Balled-and-burlapped  or B&B refers to the process when a plant is sold to the customer after being planted, grown, dug up, and wrapped for transplant. “Balled” is the term for the root ball that contains the roots and soil, where “burlapped” refers to the material used to wrap or contain the tree roots for transplant.

Balled and burlapped plants are typically grown in clay or other heavy soil that can be compacted properly when the young sprigs are dug up and burlapped.It is crucial that the burlap sack completely covers the roots to prevent exposure, and the soil ball should be firm.

Also the burlap is often made from a rot-resestant or biodegradable material, if it is not,, it must be removed when planting so the plant’s root growth is stunted. The plant must be held from the balled portion for stability. When planting B&B plants, a hole approximately three times the size of the balled portion should be dug and the root collar should be a little above ground level.

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